About Us



Who are we ?

Hair skin care originally launched in 2002. This name was ideally suited at the time due to our product focus originally being luxury hair and skin care from big brand names.
Our products are from the very best UK and international Brands with an extensive range of essential skin and hair products, as well as beauty accessories at amazing value.
What we offer ?

Hair Skin Care are continually introducing new brands, influenced by customer demand and new trends and ingredients.
Our products range from : Afro Hair Care, Skin Care & Black Beauty Products, Natural human hair wigs, hair extensions, hair braids, synthetic hair extensions, hair dryers, Human and synthetic hair extensions, black skin care products, afro wigs, weave, Braids, African American hair care product wholesale also, braid hair, Hair Sprays, Oils, Serum, Balm, Moisturisers, Gel, Hair Dyes, Hair Relaxer, Creams, lipstick, Eyes Care, hair care appliance, coloured women cosmetics, Hair Clippers, Shavers, Trimmers,Blow Dryers, Steamers, Hair Tongs, Hair Straighteners,Perfumes, black hair style, afro Caribbean make up, hair straightening irons, European hair extensions, hairpieces and many more !!!
Buy our latest skin and hair care products online all at the comfort of your own home!