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2X Mambo Curly Bohemian Locs by Janet Collection 100% Kanekalon/Toyokalon Natural Kinky Texture Flame Retardant OpenLoop™ Looped Easy and Quick Crochet Styling Hot Water Setting Easy Curl GENERAL CARE FOR SYNTHETIC HAIR The following is a general outline of how to maintain synthetic hair. Individual products may behave differently based on usage and style. Consult your stylist for specific instructions. Always wash hair in cool water using a mild shampoo and conditioner. Washing in hot water will damage fiber. Never scrub hair. Swish it gently from side to side and dunk it up and down. Use a towel to pat hair dry. Never brush or comb when hair is wet. Never use a blow dryer. If in a rush, use cold settings on the dryer. If necessary, detangle hair with a wide–tooth comb working from the bottom toward the top. If hair gets frizzy, use sheen spray. Then comb. You can resume styling once the hair is completely dry. Never comb or brush spiral curls or dreadlocks. Use fingers to comb gently. Use of a heating iron or other heat appliance is not recommended. HAIR MAY TANGLE IF GENERAL CARE INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED PROPERLY. HOW TO CROCHET STYLE To ensure that your crochet braids lie naturally, braid your own hair into cornrows. Slide the latch hook underneath the braid and loop evenfold hair onto the hook. Close the latch and slide the hair back underneath the braid. Take two fingers to open at the loop and feed the end of the hair through the hole. Now twist the loop and feed the ends in the loop once again. Pull and secure to make the hair tie tightly onto the braids. Keep the knots next to one another and repeat these steps until the full head is complete to the desired volume. *To Use Hot Water: Just dip in hot water to curl the ends.
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